Heard About Lululemon’s Yoga Pants Recall? – Why Organic Yoga Clothing is Better

sexy_girl_tight-butt_yoga_pantsBy now you may have heard the news about a recall by Lululemon for their black yoga pants due to quality control problems. The fiasco that begin when it was discovered that 17% of the company’s clothing line was unacceptably sheer is making financial headlines. As Lululemon’s stock prices started falling, they were quick to blame the overseas factory who supplies the too-see-through pants in question. The only problem is that the Taiwanese supplier, Eclat Textile Co Ltd, claims they followed Lulu’s product specifications to the letter. They countered by saying that it’s actually Lululemon who is at fault for misjudging customer expectations. So who is to blame?

Maybe the real problem is the fabric. The recalled pants are made from the trademarked “Luon” synthetic fabric, which is made of 86% nylon. One of the selling points of this synthetic fabric is that it will wick away moisture from your skin as you sweat. This is certainly a desired trait for activewear. But did you know that there are more natural alternatives that provide the same benefit?

Organic yoga clothing made from bamboo has all the advantages you desire in workout apparel. First of all, bamboo fabric naturally wicks moisture away from your skin. But it also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties from the bamboo plant’s natural resistance to these micro-organisms. To put it bluntly, that means your bamboo yoga clothing will stink less after a sweaty hot yoga class than yoga clothes made from other materials. Another thing you might not know is that bamboo fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. It also breathes well without being see-through.

So while one of the giants in the yoga clothing industry is going through problems, the smart consumer shouldn’t fear. There are plenty of other makers of yoga pants out there who provide high-quality clothing at a more affordable price. So don’t worry, you can find a wide selection of Organic yoga clothing to suit your tastes.

photo credit: midwestnerd/flickr image/CC2.0