Fitted Flare…Relaxed…Leggings… What Kind of Yoga Pants Do You Wear?

Yoga pants have never been more popular than they are right now. And it’s not only the women wearing them who like them so much. (Just run a google search for “yoga pants” and see what the top result is!!!) Here at Shanti Green, we want you to look and feel your best while knowing that you are helping the earth in some way by choosing eco-friendly yoga clothing over synthetic fabrics. So let’s look at the different styles of yoga pants out there to see which ones you might want to wear.


33inch_flow_fitted_flare_yoga_pants_black_mediumFirst up is the fitted flare. One of the most popular is Green Apple’s Fitted Yoga Flare, which comes in a classic black color that goes well with everything. People are fond of saying “___ is the new black”, but the truth is only black will always go with any color top. Fitted flare yoga pants are great for practice because they conform to your upper legs and hips, so when you are changing positions they will stretch and relax to match your body movement. That way you won’t have to adjust how your pants are sitting on you between asanas. Fitted flares are going to show off your curves too, so if you are comfortable with your body they’re great.

 This style of eco-friendly yoga flare has been so popular, in fact, that the manufacturer has trouble keeping them in stock.


If you are the type that likes your yoga pants to have a more relaxed fit you also have several options. One of the best selling items around is the Ari Bamboo Yoga Pants, which have a relaxed fit with straight cut legs. They are smooth, soft, and comfortable. And they make an excellent choice for yoga practice or just lounging around.

If you want to get super loose and relaxed, than it’s hard to beat the flowing, wide-legged comfort of Angel Palazzo Pants. Who ever said you have to wear super-tight pants to yoga class? You can be sure there weren’t any tight pants worn in ancient India when yoga was developed. The freedom of movement afforded by Angel Pants makes them great for seated postures. And they are incredibly comfortable for meditation. Made from 95% viscose of organic bamboo, you won’t believe how soft and smooth they feel.

Of course, when many people talk about “yoga pants” what they actually mean are leggings. There’s nothing wrong with that. Fitted leggings are very practical for yoga class because you don’t have to adjust them when moving from position to position. They will simply stretch and relax to conform to your body. There are a number of different organic leggings in various lengths you could get. You could go with capri length leggings. Or if you prefer, there are longer leggings such as Jeans Style Fitted Leggings that also feature a pair of back pockets. It makes them perfectly versatile if you are the type of girl who likes to wear your yoga pants or leggings to go shopping, run errands, go to class, catch a movie, or anything else.