5 Reasons Why People Enjoy Wearing Bamboo Clothing

eco-bamboo-angel-dress-Navajo-White_mediumBamboo clothing is a great organic product that is getting more attention because of its environmental benefits. Many people these days are starting to shop with greater eco awareness by choosing clothes made from bamboo, organic cotton, hemp or soy fiber. But a good number of those who try bamboo stick with it and prefer it to other organic fabrics. Here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Bamboo is Soft

Bamboo viscose fabric has a softness that most other materials just can’t compare with. It is commonly compared to cashmere and silk for the soft, smooth feel it has. If you have a favorite cotton T-shirt or pullover that you love for it’s comfort, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the snuggle factor you get with a soft and cozy bamboo hoodie. At the microscopic level, bamboo fibers have a rounded shape that doesn’t irritate your skin. This makes bamboo an ideal fabric for babies and people with sensitive skin issues.

2. Bamboo Looks Beautiful

The soft texture of bamboo fabric makes it look beautiful when used to make clothing. The fabric drapes elegantly without wrinkling. This makes bamboo such a great choice for designer fashion clothing. Designers have been making luxurious bamboo dresses that are turning heads in fashion circles. The ability of bamboo clothing to resist wrinkles makes it a great choice for travel clothing as well. You can throw a few bamboo items into your travel bag to look great on your next vacation.

3. Bamboo Fabric is Antibacterial

The bamboo plant contains a remarkable anti-microbial bio-agent called “bamboo kun”. The bamboo kun helps protect bamboo from bacteria and fungus while it is growing. After bamboo is harvested and processed into a clothing fabric, the beneficial properties  of bamboo kun are still present in the resulting clothing. This means that bamboo clothing resists the growth of bacteria which usually cause bad odor. So you can often wear bamboo apparel more than once without washing it, and it will not smell bad at all. This is another great reason why bamboo makes such good travel clothing. The antibacterial property of bamboo fabric also makes it the ideal material choice for yoga wear and other kinds of exercise clothing.

4. Bamboo Clothing is Moisture Wicking

Bamboo fabric absorbs much more water than cotton. The shape of the bamboo fibers allow it to draw sweat up away from your skin. This helps you to feel more dry and comfortable when you are active or when the weather gets hot and humid. This is the second main reason why bamboo is so good for yoga clothing. The ability to wick moisture also makes bamboo a favored material for socks, underwear, sleepwear, towels, and bedding.

5. Bamboo is a Breathable Clothing Material

bamboo-pullover-hoodieBamboo fibers are full of tiny spaces, which allow the material to breathe and also to insulate. You can keep cooler in the summer by wearing bamboo garments. And you can also stay warmer in the winter with a layer of bamboo clothing for insulation. On top of this, bamboo also provides some protection from the sun’s UV rays.
 Bamboo is one of the most comfortable fabrics due to a combination of softness, breathability, and moisture absorption. It also has the advantage of suppressing  bacteria growth. On top of all that, bamboo clothing simply looks beautiful.